How do I book a courier shipment?

If you are booking an international shipment, please ensure to fill out the custom's invoice correctly to avoid any customs holds, delays, or your package potentially being returned to the pick up location.

  1. Login to
  2. Make sure the "Ship From" and "Ship To" boxes are filled in correctly.
  3. Scroll down to the "Choose Packaging" section and select what kind of shipment you need to book. Courier shipments would be "Letter", "Pak", or "Package". 

  4. Scroll down and fill in the "Dimensions and Weight" section.

  5. Fill in any applicable additional services or insurance if required.
  6. Click the "Get Rates" in the bottom right-hand corner to get to the Carrier Quotes page.
  7. Select your carrier and service.

  8. Click "Schedule Pickup."
  9. Fill in your contact info and a time range for pickup and then click "Done."

  10. Scroll down and click "Submit Order."    
  11. Click on the "Shipping Label" link in the top left-hand corner to generate the courier label. 

  12. Print off your courier label and attach to your item.