What can and can’t be insured?

LTL shipments where Freightcom Insurance has not been purchased are subject to the carrier’s maximum liability of up to $2/lb. Courier shipments whereby Freightcom Insurance has not been purchased are subject to the carrier's maximum liability of up to $100/shipment. Please note this liability is only applicable for shipments not moving at shipper's risk of loss or damage.

It is extremely important to enter the correct insured value when booking a shipment. The amount entered for insurance should be the same value as the cost invoice (the amount you have purchased the goods for). In cases where a shipment has been under or over insured, the insurance purchased will be void and Freightcom would not be able to pursue a claim on your behalf with the insurance company.

Please note the following when purchasing Freightcom Insurance:

  • Personal goods cannot be insured
  • Any shipments requiring insurance with a value exceeding $50,000 CAD/USD would need to be manually quoted, please contact operations@freightcom.com for further assistance on this.

Below is a more extensive list of what cannot be insured with Freightcom Insurance:

  • Liquids of any kind
  • Live Plants or Animals (including reptiles, snakes, birds, insects, etc.),
  • Bullion (gold, silver, or other precious metals), Currency, Money, Securities, Accounts, Bills, Deeds, Evidence of Debt, Notes, Stamps
  • Gift/Phone cards/Tickets (such as Movie, Concert, Athletic event, etc.), Documents, Paper articles with a monetary value
  • Human remains (including ashes), Medical Samples and/or biological products/diagnostic specimens, blood, blood products, plasma, embryos, human or animal specimens or tissues, urine, bodily fluids, etc.
  • Counterfeit, illegal or pirated goods or material
  • Industrial diamonds/carbons/gemstones
  • Any item(s) the carriage of which is excluded by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government to or through which the shipment may be carried, Perishable/Temperature Controlled Goods/Foods/Beverages, Non-Perishable Foods/Commodities/Beverages including Alcohol/Spirits/Wine, Wood & Paper Product, Metals (i.e. steel, etc.), Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Effects/Household Goods.

Many of the above items listed are restricted articles for our carriers and would either be returned to the shipper or moved at the shipper’s risk of loss/damage.